Sunday, February 27, 2011

The last three weeks so there is TONS of picts

This pict is way out of order but this is the craft we did the other day.
Happy 77th birthday to my grandma Lewis

Here is Lora, grandma, Brenda, my mom and Mareegrandma, Mandy, me and my mom

Happy 30th birthday to CODY

My brother turned the BIG 30 yesterday so we have a fun tradition to go to Texas Road House for the bdays.

Haus found these glasses the other day in the chalk bucket and he insists on wearing them. They make everything rainbow 3D.

Kids Safe Fair

Me, Katie, Cami and Ashley took the kids up to this on Friday. It was fun they had everything characters, face painting, clowns, animals, police, fireman. My kids loved it and best of all it was FREE. I bought Haus a helmet and he wore it the rest of the day, lovely to say the least.

Trafalga in Lehi

We have been trying to use the passes that we got in Sept more often. So we went to the Lehi Trafalga on Saturday and I have to tell ya I havent been since Sept to this one and man they have remodeled it looks awesome and it was way fun. We did rock climbing, played on jungle gym area, rode rides, played minature golf.

MORE freaking Snow

The other day when it snowed the kids were telling me at 8 in the morning "mom lets go play in the snow" I hadnt even had my eyes open for a minute, let me tell ya it was lovely. But on a positive side it entertained them for a good two hours. But Im pretty sure they are ready for spring to because they were playing on there bikes and the sand toys out in the snow.


We have been trying to do more random stuff lately with Jackson being gone lots with his intern. So the kids loved making these lion and elephantts.

Being DOGS
Haus and Bronco thought it would be funny to eat these treats off the ground like dogs.

Kruz Bday

Kira threw a way cute party with face painting and vests just like Woodys my kids had a blast. Other than the face paint stayed on for a few extra days.

We redone the kids room so this is before, I will show the after as soon as the bunkbeds come. But we painted and I made some quilts for the boys. I dont know whats got into me I have made 4 quilts in the last month and half.
Trafalga in Orem

We took the kids to play minature golf. It was insane busy but the kids had fun. Haus thinks that he plays golf like you do shuffle board but what the heck he is having fun.

Grizz got declawed

I had heard horror stories about it, Grizz did awesome. That night he came up from the basement. The doc told us he might not do anything for a few days.


Warren made this in school for the Valentines exxchange. On Valentines we drove around all of the Valentines to all of our family that lives close. My family has a tradition to put your Valentines at the door nock and then run so that is what we did. Warren and Haus would get so excited to get out of the car it was so fun. Then we meet Jackson for lunch at his school. Thats when we gave the kids there Valentines from us. They got a mickey shirt, some candy and silly string. The funny thing is I had the bags in my car and Warren kept asking who we were going to drop those of too. I just kept telling him youll see. So when we handed them to him and Haus he got so excited.

My mom has always made every holiday really fun so she always does so much for the grandkids. So the night before Valentines she came over to give them there Valentines which was a bag way full of holiday candy and a way cute book for each of the kids.

I tried to get a pict of everyone we seen on Valentines

my mom and Lora with the kidsMandy and Jason
Tyra turned 5 on Valentines
Grandma Susan
Great Grandma Lewis
Cody and Tyra came over in the morning
Warren playing with the silly string the second he got it

Happy Valentines from mom and dad
Great Grandma and Grandpa Pinegar
running to deliver another Valentine
Aunt Keli
Papa James reading them there book. My kids love love papa James like probably to the point of mauling him but he never seems to mind.
the books from grandma and grandpa

my mom and step dad

Making candy and decorating sugar cookies

We had the Blackhursts over for pizza and decorating sugar cookies. Jocelyn brought these cute molds to make suckers and it was so fun.

For Valentines we went to dinner with Jocelyn and Lafe the friday before to Outback.


We have been doing lots of this. Its so nice because the pool is really warm and it gets out all of the kids energy. Some day its just me and the boys and sometimes people join us.


Stephanie Gardner said...

Okay wow you guys have way too much fun. I don't like snakes though. Lets hang!