Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I had so much fun this past weekend with the zoo, sleeping in the tree house, running a 5k, fireworks, bbq, and fishing


realing in his fish

he caught two

We went fishing on July 5 with Papa James at Tibblefork. We were only up there for about 2 hours and we caught two fish. Warren was so excited he kept walking around and telling everyone who passed. Haus was just loving hanging out.

James was so funny he walked pretty far out and everytime he would almost fall. Warren would yell "look papas swimming"

Haus kept laying like this


Holly Faux said...

What fun stuff you do with your kids! They just eat it up! Glad you had a good 4th:)

Natalie said...

So fun! That lake looks so gorgeous!
Glad you guys had a great 4th!