Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We had the 4th of July bbq at my house on Sunday. Its always have tons of fun when we get together, we had a softball game and the girls didnt do so hot. It could have been us laughing the whole time at my aunt Sherri she was so dang funny and way competitive. Then we had fireworks when it got dark.
I decided to make this chicken, bean and rice burritos instead of hot dogs and hamburgers and it was way good for a change. I think Ill keep it as good tradtion

Max fell asleep it was funny because he was playing one second and the next he was out

all of the kids watching the fireworks, Haus was inside asleep

watching the fireworks that were put on by Jackson, Cody and Thomas

Warren loving

Thomas dragging the kids around him, Jackson and James would take turns

It was so funny Haus was holding on for dear life

Tyra and Warren

Aunt Maree and my beautiful cousin Annie

my aunts

Jackson, Haus, Keli and Tyler

Caroline and Paul Jacob, Susan and Craig

me setting up all of the food
we had y