Monday, April 26, 2010

Our trip to Washington and Vancover April 2010

Off to Washington

Warren and Haus loved being on the airplane when we descended. They thought it was so exciting. They are good travelers too. They both fell asleep, Warren fell asleep as soon as we took off, Haus thought it was funny to try and wrestle are heads, so we strapped him in with Jackson and immediatly fell asleep when he realized he couldnt move.

Our atempt to have the boys sleep on the floor. Haus has never slept anywhere other than his crib or my moms porta crib. It didnt last long I then had to lay by them so Haus would stop wrestling with Warren

Pike Market Place and Downtown Seattle

The Space Needle

The grounds at the Seattle temple were beautiful.

These falls were only about 30 minutes from her house. They were beautiful, I was shocked about how HUGE it was. I think I told Jen at least ten times a day about how beautiful Washington is. Warren was not in the mood to get his picture taken.

This was a way fun train museumy thing and it was close to the falls. Im pretty sure this was by far my boys favorite thing to see. They were in heaven because they could climb all over the trains.

I thought this was way cool. It was by the train museum we went to.

The Vancover temple was so beautiful. It was really shocking to me about how small it was thought. It pulled at my heart strings about how little the sealing room was. I just felt so blessed to have so many members around me.

Putting on the cute booties to go in the temple.

For Jens bday dinner we went to Red Robbin and it was so yummy I love that place.

After dinner we went to ColdStone for a desert.

This is what the kids did anytime we were home.Really from the moment they woke up they were outside running around. It was sooo nice they all got along so good. Warren keeps asking when we are going to see Morgan and Braylen and why they cant come over. Oh ya and the picture of Warre

This is their backyard, ya a freakn forest it is sooo pretty there. It always smell so good too.

Entertaining ourselves at the airport. They had a really cool play place for the kids. Warren would jump off one to another. Until he totaly missed a hit is head really hard.


Jen said...

Such cute pictures Haley!!

mark said...

dang girl! that was a long post! lots of full fun pictures of lasting memories!!! looks like you had a blast! isn't washington the best? Scott and i had a blast living there! it is absolutley beautiful! watching your two boys makes me so excited for when phoenix gets alittle bigger so that they can be best of buddies. they are adorable! hope your doing well and hope to see you and your cute boys soon! p.s. you doing swimming lessons again this year?

James and Cami said...

Looks like you had tons of fun!!

Mandy said...

Looks like you guys had lots and lots of fun! The boys are just so darling, I love them!

Natalie said...

Looks like a great trip...just the thought of Maddix not sleeping in his crib stresses me out :)
Lets get together this next week!

Kinsale said...

Your trip looks like it was SO much fun! I have never been there! I want to go now!! You are officially on my blog list dude! I'm so dumb I totally spaced it! We for sure should have a girls night that would be fun!