Sunday, May 2, 2010

Four wheeling

Jackson took the kids 4 wheeln last Saturday while I had a shower at my house. Jackson and I have turkey tags so he went to see if they could find any turkeys and they did. Warren was so excited and he has been talking about it ever since. We took him yesterday to Cabella's to get him camo clothes and especially a camo face mask. Warren has been asking for one forever. One of his favorite things to watch is the hunting channel with Jackson. He had watched a hunter hunt turkeys with a turkey mask. So when we told him we had turkey tags he insisted we get face masks.
I dont hate Cabella's but when you go in with Jackson and my two kids we end up beeing there forever. Jackson explained it like when I go anywhere you can buy flowers Im there forever and I usually spend alot of money. That is how Cabellas is for them.
April 24 2010