Thursday, February 4, 2010

Warren at age 4

Im going to try and deep this for a journal because I suck at keeping my scrapbook updated so Ill try this. So you dont have to read if you dont want to.
Warren at age 4:
He is loving preschool, loves to read any book, loves to play with his friends Cohan, Bosten, Cash, Violet, Faith, Nixon, Emery, Soren, Hayley( the next door neighbor) and all of his cousins too, loves his papas James and Craig, cant get enough of his aunt Mandy, talks about going fishing and hunting all the time with his daddy o, snuggles with mom when we watch movies when Haus is asleep, been really scared of the dark, doing better with sleeping in his bedroom, loves to wear camo and layer his clothes, loves to talk, asks about what letter starts with everything and anything, loves to wrestle, loves to ride sheep in the rodeo, hate jam but loves peanut butter, still very strong willed, but plays really good and entertains himself with anything, loves pirate anything, knows all of the alphabets, can count to 10 and sometimes 20, getting really good at writing his name, loves puzzles, loves primary, when skying for the first time on January 29, 2010 and did awesome, loves to ride his big wheel at the church and can do tricks on it and loves to tell everyone, he'll turn the corner realy fast and his big wheel goes on two wheels he loves it, loves to say prayers and always prays for everyone like Santa, sleigh, duck hunting with dad its too cute. He is such a fun kid and always keeps us on our toes.