Thursday, February 4, 2010

The joy these two have brought us

I love these two boys so much. I love laying in bed and listening to these rascills in there room laughing at each other. I love how Warren can do anything and Haus will laugh so hard. I love looking at Haus mimic everything Warren does. I love that when Haus's binki will fall out of his crib Warren hurries and gives it to him even in the middle of the night. Jackson and I always talk about how we love all the joy these two bring us. Like when we take them tubing or bowling they are both so excited. Lately we have tried playing games on Sunday and not watch TV. Its so fun to sit back and watch my kids play hungry hungry hippos or put a puzzle together. Or how sad Haus gets when we drop Warren off to preschool but then the excitement he has when we pick him up, he always starts clapping and squealing. I love you two so much


Jord&Kira Lynch said...

So cute Haley she did such a good job! Your boys are so handsom!

Sue said...

Cute little boys! You are such a sweet Mommy!