Sunday, March 11, 2012


Jackson and I have never been outers on Valentines Day. So when our niece Tyra was born on this day, it has been a great excuse to always celebrate with just Jackson and I on another day. So the Saturday before me and Jackson went and had massages and went to dinner. Its always fun to just be with him.. I had the kids just pick out there Valentines from Walmart and they picked out sport ones. After I taped on 5o for all of the classes we were set for the day to come. I get to do Warrens class party so its fun to be able to have that time with him. We made a heart chime. That night we did the rounds with running to the door and nocking and running. Then we headed over to my brothers house to celebrate Tyra's 6th bday.

With Tyra on her bday

My mom and Haus

Warren in his class

The school doesnt have you make your own Valentine boxes so this is the bag Warren made at school, at Central.

Warrens from his Learning Dynamics KE

Haus's first Valentines bag too. He was so excited that people just kept putting stuff in his bag. He couldnt get over the amazingness of it!

Valentines morning we did a trail of candy, movie ( Lady and the Tramp), small toys through the house.

My mom came over the night before to give the kids there Valentines. My kids love how she nocks and runs. Its a fun tradition that Im finding out that not so many people do anymore.