Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Night

We had all of Jacksons family and my parents come over for a yummy ham dinner. All of the cousins exchanged presents which was a first for the Jones's and Im so glad we did because it so fun for the kids. I thought it would be fun to make homeade ornaments. We tested it out the Monday before for FHE. The kids loved it and they turned out way cute, both nights. Its become a tradition with my parents and us to watch the GRINCH and then open one present. My kids got there jammies and they were so excited for bed they were having a hard time holding still to get there jammies on. Both of the kids got reindeer food from there school so we set that out on the front porch. The boys insisted on going to bed and told us they didnt want a story, scripture or prayer they wanted to hurry and fall asleep so Santa could come. We still did all the bed night routine and they were so excited they didnt fall asleep until after 930.

Bezzantt Christmas Eve Party

My stepdads family is huge and I love it. They have always been so great and welcoming with us. We dont always make it to this party because we have a Christmas Eve party at our house. This year they had it at noon so it worked out perfectly!


Shanelle Bayles said...

We do the pj's and movie on Christmas Eve also. I love it! Your blog is so cute I need you to give me lessons on how to do pictures and things!