Monday, June 7, 2010

Swimming lesson

Warren learning what to do with his arms when he does the front stroke 6th lesson
Haus swimming to the side of the pool
Look how great Haus is doing. This is is 6th lesson

Warren learing how to breath out in the water

Haus learing to float on his back

These picts are of Warren and Haus when they had done about 6 lessons. We just signed them up for another set, you pay for a set of 10. On friday they had there 11 lesson and they amaze me how far they have come.

Warren know can dive in the deep and get rings ( all of this is completly by himself) do the backstroke for half of the pool, Dive into the pool and swim back to the wall, its his favorite thing to dive for rings, sticks etc.. at the bottom of the pool. This is all in 11 lessons and you have to take into account he hated to go under water. His teacher is the best when we walk in the door he yells a Super hero to Warren. Warren immediatly gets so excited and yells back to him.

Everyday he gets so excited to go and asks at least a few times if its time to go.

Haus can float on his back for about a minute, he can flip himself around, swim nder the water and grab the side of the pool, while he floats on his back he kicks his feet and swims for a little bit.

I have had tons of people email about where we take them and how much. Its Jody Oneil Aquatics,796-9673 and its $120 for ten privates lessons that last 20 minutes.