Wednesday, June 2, 2010

St. George May 2010

Davis family and Jamies sister and I cant remeber her name but she was the BEST
Us, we were all waiting for the last load of laundry

hiking by the house


No they are not mad at each other. They do this just for fun and they do it alot!!

I have to say Haus can hold his own for the most part. This is the joy of having two boys, really. They are the best of friends when they want to be.

Playing at the Park this is the best picture I could get of the three amigos

Flying kites This is classic picture of the trip, I love it. Cam and Jackson seeing who could fly there kites higher. Me and Jamie decided they got the kites for themselves not the kids j/k.

Haus would not let go for anything


He took this ball everywhere, he is so into balls lately

Jacksons and Cam went to the store and came back with kites. It was tons of fun I hadnt flown a kite since I was little. The adults got into it as much as the kids. Haus was funny to watch because he wouldnt budge he was so concentrated on holding the string.

we went on a walk to the park to fly the kites


while we were shopping at the outlets. Warren was thinking it was way fun to push Haus

Warren loves bugs

playing outside of the house


As you can tell it was pretty windy while were at the lake. But the kids still had a blast in the sand.

Its so nice Jacksons aunt has a house she just lets us use whenever we want. I used to not be a HUGE fan of St.George. Since having kids we love going down there because there is so much to do with kids. I love the hot weather especially know since being on blood thinners because I freeze know. So its nice to head down south and soak up all the sun.


Mandy said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun! Windy or not St. George and Sand Hollow are one of our families fav. vacation spots!

Holly Faux said...

So glad you had so much fun! We'll have to catch you next time. Baby actually made it to Heber and back this week without crying. :)