Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just so you know my post is jacked up and I didnt want to keep redoing it over so I need to add more picts Getting Warrens shaps on so he can ride the sheep. He got a 76 so did great Susan and Craig
all ready to ride my kids were in heaven we would go down there every night around 530 because thats the time Jackson was supposed to be down there to help. It worked out great because Warren and Haus were in heaven they would walk around to all of the animals

our cute nephews Andrew and Aiden

RoDeO It was nice this year to enjoy the rodeo. Last year I missed Strawberry days because I had just had my stroke. So this year was so much fun for me. We went to the rodeo every night because Jackson is part of the rodeo committe so I got to see everyone. The night Warren rode the sheep was the night that most of my friends came and most of our familys so that was fun. Then the last night I set with Ash and Kira because they didnt come on Friday.

All and all it was so fun to watch my kids enjoy it. They are both in love with farm animals and rodeo's so they were in heaven. Other than the night that Warren went to find his dad and I lost him and had to walk around in a panice about 4 times around the rodeo. Obviously we found him. So other than that it was a way fun year of the rodeo

we went to the rodeo every night
my hot husband in his rodeo committe attire

Papa James and Warren

Adley and Warren