Friday, June 25, 2010


June 2010

Last year I didnt really get to go to the rodeo or anything of Strawberry days because I had just had a stroke and was in a walker. So I was so excited for this year. Jackson is on the rodeo committe so we went every night. The kids loved being there and seeing all of the animals. Other than loosing Warren one of the nights it turned out to be a great week.

my hot husband in his committe vest
Watching the rodeo, Haus would yell really loud the sound the animal makes when he would see them.

this is how my kids sit almost the whole time the night Papa James came

my sister and her kids came one of the nights, here is a cute pict of her boys Andrew and Aiden

On Friday Warren rode a sheep and Cami's son Bosten did so some of our friends came to see them

I love this picture of Adley and Warren

Warren and Papa

Susan and Craig

Warren getting ready to ride his sheep. He did awesome he got a 76

Warren in the back with his daddy

getting his shaps on

we would go to the rodeo grounds around 530 every night because thats the time Jackson needed to be there to help. My kids were in heaven because they got to run around and see all of the animals with no crowds

One of the nights that we were there

Haus is in love with animals right know especialy farm animals