Monday, December 14, 2009

Date night with Warren,Cash and Ashley

Ashley and I decided to take our boys to ride the trax up to temple square. We initaly all were going to go.But Haus and Charly had been under the weather and it was soooo cold Jackson stayed with Haus and Cory stayed with Charly.
We had dinner at Chickfila and then it was off to ride the train. The boys were so excited. Warren even had to throw up right before because he was so excited. Other than Ashley having her toes freeze off and my ears. It was a BLAST!!!
oh ya dont mind my hat I have a huge head so I shouldnt wear these because they slowly creep up off my head.


Jord&Kira Lynch said...

So cute!! I wish I could have gone but it looks cold so I am glad I didnt. Love the boys so cute.

Jason and Kimber said...

How fun! So fun that you both have boys around the same age to do that.