Sunday, February 16, 2014

October 2013

 Vikings: Warren was on a traveling baseball team.  He loved every second of it.  But i was not in love they didnt play him really and I didnt feel like he learned anything other then setting on the bench. So this spring will just put him on a fun machine pitch team.  Were he will learn skills for baseball because he loves it.

 Effie she loves having her hair done, good thing because she has lots of it.

 Warren and Haus:  These two sit in this fort and listened to confrence.
 Warren: I love this boy I love even more when he wants to give me snuggles because its starting to be few and far between.

 HEEHAWS:  I had each of the boys invite a friend.  Warren invited Hayden Wilkerson and Haus invited Maddix mealey

 Painting pumpkins:  Weve never did this as a family we usually just carve them.  But i thought itd be fun to paint them then later in the month we could carve them.  All of the kids loved this.

 Soccer Haus and Asher Bayliss

 Deer hunting:  our friend borrowed us theyre razor and we took the kids up Wallsburg and had a fun time