Sunday, September 1, 2013

Haus at age 5

Haus at 5yrs old. Best friend is maddix mealey. Knows how to count to 100. He struggles with 20,30,40,50 he just wants to say 29 then 31. But other then that he does awesome!!! He loves to eat anything but loves avocados, Popsicles, salad, salmon, chips, chick fila( he says it shikfelaa). He calls Natalie matalrey. Loves Effie and warren. Still by far the sweetest kid I know. Very polite. The other day I picked him up from soccer camp and he ran over age his coach a big hug. He loves to be with his mom but has started to really venture out and has confidence.  Loves to go to grandma and grandpa Bezzants and pick there veggies he calls them fruit.