Sunday, July 14, 2013

March 2013 (first half of the month)

PAINTING: My boys love to paint and paint.

LIFT: Look mom and dad what we can lift.  They were so impressed by themselves.

BASKETBALL CAMP: PG doesnt have basketball until the second grade so they do a basketball camp in March. It is every Saturday of March for an hr.  They teach them different skills.  Warren was excited because we didnt sign up with anyone.  But he lucked out and had Kaden West, Luke Sorenson, Hayden Stucki.

BIRTH FAMILIES:  Melanee came over and Josee and Luke came to see Effie and the boys.

OUTSIDE:  She is going to be an outside girl she has loved it.  Itll be fun to see her in the summer.

HOME MADE PAINT:  Not so cool but Haus and Charley Laycock had fun with it.
Cute Effie watching and wishing.

ST.PATRICKS DAY:  Leo the Leprachaun came and did a treasure hunt for the kids  around the house and block.  He made them do little games to find the next clue.  I had each of the boys invite 2 friends. Haus invited Cohen Vohs and Maddix Mealley.  Warren invited Hayden Wilkerson and Noah Brady.

At each of the spots there was this and it had a clue or game.
We started off with painting a rainbow .

The first clue was on the porch.

They had to go to the front porch and play hop scotch.  They found gold at every spot too.

Then they had to go in the backyard and trace one another.
Noah tracing Warren
The next thing they had to do is go around the block and find four leaf clovers.

The next stop was at the Hardys front porch. They found gold but there was also a water bottle.

The next was to ride the wiggle cars from the front porch to the garage.

Last there was a HUGE thing pot of gold in the backyard full of yummy treats.

Haus and Maddix