Friday, February 15, 2013

December 2012

Haus, Maddix and Effie playing at the park by the Highschool

I had Warren and Haus pick out something for Jackson.  Warren picked him out a nice button up and fish bait.  Haus picked him out fish bait, fish worms that were every color.  They were sooooo excited for him to open it.

                                 Warren started playing on an indoor soccer team.  Jackson is coaching they have a pretty fun team of cute kids.

Dinosaur Museum

 Love this girl she is into EVERYTHING.  She gets the cutest look on her face when she makes it up the stairs or pulls out all of the tupperware from the cupboard.
Hiking Stewart Falls
Me and Jackson hiked Stewart Falls in December it was so fun to get out and do things we used to before kids.  It was soo peaceful and beautiful!!!

9 months
25lbs 99.9% 29 in 89%
 This cute thing is 9 months
she loves to crawl around everywhere. sleeps all night. Takes two naps. Loves eating food.  Has no desire to use a sippy cup.  In size 6 diapers. Wears 18month clothes. Loves loves attention.  Has her daddy and brothers wrapped around her fingers.  She snorts all the time. Claps and coughs for our attention.  Loves Baby Einstinne movies. Had her first ear infection, sinus infection and eye infection at the same time it was pure HELL. Has the cutest smile ever. Loves being in her big girl carseat. Went to my moms for the weekend with the boys and did great.

Making Snow flakes for FHE 

 She is still deciding if she likes this.  I think she should because she loves to jump up and down.  I think she just hates to be confind.
The boys have been so into painting everything and anything I let them.

 Love days that we just lounge around and snuggle!!!
Advent calendars
I love fun traditions like this!

 This cute chubbers is loving climbing these stairs.

Haus loves to climb trees.
Effie claps all the time, especially when her brothers are watching.
Haus's Christmas program at Kids Village.  It was so cute they had a cute program and Haus and the other kids sang songs.  We had yummy food, sat on Santas lap and made reindeer food for Christmas Eve.

Effies cute Christmas outfit!! I made the skirt..
She never falls asleep in her carseat so this was a complete rare time.  I think she was asleep for 15 min at the most.
top:  Haus and me out on are once a month mom and Haus date.  I try and take each of the kids out to dinner and then to something fun to do.  This praticular time we went to Cafe Rio ( Haus' choice he loves salad) then we went and picked out Christmas presents to Effie and Warren from Haus.
bottom:  Conrad Luvingston and Warren
Warren at his cute Christmas program.  I only had my phone camera so I couldnt get a great pict of Warren up there but he did awesome.  Grandma Jones came to support too.
Great Grandma Ruth, we went to visit her she will be 98 in a few weeks.

Zoo Lights, We froze our faces off but the kids really liked it.

Cousin present exchange, Effie and Eva loving on each other.  This was Effies first time opeing a present.  She got a cute monkeys in a jar from the Mccourts.

Cinch, Warren and Haus

Cousin Christmas Exchange with my brothers kids.  Tyra, Max and Tayne.  Mccoy was asleep in the carseat.

Christmas Eve party with Papa James family.  Every year they have a party at the church with everyone.  Santa comes, the kids put on a nativity program, fill up socks for all the kids.

Christmas Eve at our house. We played minute to win it games, ate yummy dinner and then played more games.