Saturday, January 19, 2013

 Ive been trying harder to find diffrent things for Haus to do then just the same old stuff.  Luckily we have pintrest to help us out with this.  This fun little thing is water, baking soda and vinegar with food coloring and it will make a little explosion.  He loves this!
 Effie being a good little thing at the dentist while Haus gets work done 7 months old
 First Halloween for this cute thing Candy Corn and the boys SWAT 2012

 crazy hair day for Jackson.  I love that he is teaching in a grade school now because he kind of has to do this stuff.  So out of his comfort zone!
 Haus's cute preschool picture 2nd year of preschool at Kids Village 2012 with Miss Misty as his teacher.  Cohen Vohs and Maddix Meally our his best friends.
 My mom has a fun tradition that ALL of the grandkids look forward too.  She makes a special date with them and takes them shopping to anywhere they want and then they get a special treat after.  This praticular year Warren had been eyeing the Toy R Us add and had looked at it none stop so he new exactly what he wanted.  Ninjago LEGOS.
 Warrens cute school picture 1st grade Mrs. Stevenson  Noah Brady, Hayden Wilkenson, Haden Stucki, Luke Southam, Conrade
 First snow was Oct 25

 7 months old

 Deer hunting with the family.  We took a drive and went up behind Timp and seen lots of deer just none with horns

 Aunt Karen always has a fun Halloween party the Monday before Halloween.  This year she had a magician that the kids were loving it.
 top: the boys with grandma and grandpa Jones   BELOW: Warren at his Halloween walk.  With cute Emery Fralick at tinkerbell
 Effie and Nash at there first Halloween

 Love these amazing people we went to trick of treat at Melanies families.  Im just so grateful for the love and kindness they welcome us with.

 The kids with grandma and grandpa Bezzantt

 Warrens 7th bday party was a super hero party.  He was insistant on the games he wanted.
 For his bday from us he got a sleeping bag, dream light and cabelas gift card.
 Warren asked if he could have a party with all of his cousins too.  So we had them all come to Hang Time.  I think everyone had a hit.

 Warren with his great grandparents.  Coleen and James Pinegar

 Friend party started with everyone coming with a super hero costume on or super shirt.  Then they all got to decoarte there own capes with puff paint and markers.
 Gift bags had super hero candy, pencils, tattoos, erasers, fun little toys

 Then we split off into 4 groups and had 4 stations.   This one they would race each other on these balls to the tramp and back.
 Rocket races are they would jump on the end of this and see who's rocket would go the farthest.

 Rely race.  hit the dart board, climb up the tree house, slide down the slide then crawl through the tube and then hit the blow up spiderman.
 Make your own potions using the baking soda, vinegar, food coloring concotion.

 Her first cupcake was given to her at this party.  Im 100% sure she loved it.

 Last but not least the pinata is always a must at any party I throw.

 After one long day these two were out!!!!!!