Thursday, November 22, 2012

 Hiking up Battle Creek Falls

 Papa James Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse
 Up the canyon with Jacksons family for FHE
 Papa James moose

 Playing at the park with the Mealeys
 Warren and his buddies, Conrad, Cameron Merryweather, Warren and Haden Stucki

Maddix and Haus summer 2012

 One night we went to check on Warren and this is how we found him snuggled in his pillowcase that he got from Grandma B for Halloween.  I guess he really does want the sleeping bag for his bday.
 Dinosaur museum with Maddix

 Haus working on his alphabets
 Warren fishing with daddy at a lake they had to hike into
 Hee Haw Farms with friends.  I decided Warren could have two of his friends Hayden Wilkenson and Haden Stucki.  We went with Natalie and Blakely so Haus was content with Maddix and Oakley

 Gardner Village with my mom and all of her sisters. I didnt get a pict of everyone but Maree, Annie, Gretchn and Brenda came too.
 Eva Gordon with our kids when we went up the canyon for FHE
 Catching crodadas with Papa James and dad up at Scoville
 Confrence Weekend we went up the canyon in the Rhino and drove around.

 After we met with the adoption lawyer for the last time.  We decided to take the kids Rodizios and Effie couldnt get enough of the rolls, Haus had a HUGE plate of shrimp and Warren loved all the meat!!

 Playing at the park

                                     OCTOBER 9TH, TUESDAY AT 2:20 PM 
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heading into court was a great, amazing week this is.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

 Ok so I have to say this was one of the greattest days EVER!! Effie was hilarious she was loving the microphone because she could hear self echo through the whole court room so the whole time she was jabbing away.  Love her so much.  The judge had us take a minute for all birthmoms and there sacrafice they do for us.  Great Judge, great DAY!!!!