Sunday, August 7, 2011

Island Park, Idaho August 4-7
Jones family went to Island Park and it was so relaxing. On the way up we stopped at Bear World and I recommend it to everyone it was cool. We had a bear rub his nose on my window. The kids all were in heaven it was by far my favorite part of the trip. We went into Yellowstone and didnt really see any cool animals because I think Bear World spoiled us but we all went to Old Faithful which is always cool to see. Friday night we went fishing and the water was like luke warm it was weird. I was in ahhh the whole time because it was so beautiful we were there when the sun went down and it was truely breath taking. Saturday we went tubing down the river and it was fun to go down and laugh and talk with everyone, Jacksons family is so fun. I was being smart and trying not to put my but to far in the tube because it was cold. So Brian and Cody kept joking with me if I didnt get in the tube right they were going to come throw me in. The kids had fun at the end of the river catching or trying to catch baby fish. Later that night we went to the Big Springs and it was awesome its were the water comes out of the ground and makes the river. The water was so clean looking I guess enough that Jacksons and the kids had to take a sip. Will see if they have the poops all week. The place had a cute cabin on it thats a historical site and then all the kids feed the birds and ducks. Then me and Jackson went into West Yellowstone and they were having a rendevoue. My boys loved it they were loving all of the cowboys, mountain men and Indians. Oh ya we tried to go on a four wheel ride at nights I didnt go everytime but that was way fun too. Then on Sunday we had a sacrament and then headed home.

At West Yellowstone shopping


Tubing down the river

So its Idaho law that you have to have a life jacket with you. We had enough little ones for the kids but not enough big ones for the adults.

Haus was Morgans shadow he LOVED her.


Cinch, Canyon, Sloan and Warren

Cinch and Warren

All of the kids and me in the hot tub. We were having contests to see how long we could hold are breath under water. Me and Stran won!

Warren, Sloan and Haus


Haus I had to chart this because your amazing at coloring. Your just three and you totally stay in the lines. Maybe its all the work you have been getting by coloring your body with any crayon or marker you find when mom turns her head.

Jones Family Pict August 2011

We had dinner and picts on Sunday and everyone came over because Marva and Nate came down from North Dakota. While they were here Porter got ordained a deacon.

10 year Reunion

I had my TEN year reunion on July 29. It was fun to hang out with my friends and there husbands. Afterward we went and got icecream.

BBQ for Ashley and Kiras BDAY
All of my friends came over to celebrate Kira and Ashleys bday. It was fun its always fun I love hanging out with these guys we have all been friends since 7th grade so were pretty much family.

Cooking Class

Katy Perry

A few of us went to Katy Perry and I have to say I didnt know all of her music but she put on an AMAZING show. It was by far the BEST concert I have ever been to. Im pretty sure she went threw 30 outfits, sprayed whip cream at audience, had tons of wigs, had huge beach balls in the audience and had amazing people to hang out with= Awesome concert.

It was Ashley's 28th bday to so it was fun to celebrate that too. We went to the DODO in Sugar house before.

Cami and James

Cory and Ashley

WOW the outfits were entertaining

Hayley and Darek

Seven Peaks

This is some of the picts of a few days at Seven Peaks. I love this place and we havent used it until the last few weeks but boy we have been going alot lately. All of the kids have tons of fun. Except one of the days Haus decided to pull his pants down at the wave pool and pee it was funny but I was pretty emberrased.

Haus, Cohan, Warren and Bosten

Nixon, Cohan, Haus and Bosten

Me, Cami, Katy and Stacey

Me, Kira and Hayli

This is what Haus looked like when he woke up from a nap.

Aunt Loras pool

Making Cookies

Everytime I make cookies my kids insist on eating the batter of the beaters.

Yard Work

We have been doing lots and lots of stuff to are yard we have put in a huge patio in back with a awning and pretty big flower beds around it. Then not shocking to anyone who knows me but we planted a few more trees too.

Splash Pad at the Riverwoods

its great because there is never anyone really there and Jacksons gets to come because its right next to his work.

Scouting for deer with Papa Jones

Family Home Evening with the Jones

I am pretty sure I have the best of the best in laws EVER! It was our turn to have family home evening at our house. I love getting together with all of them and even though Im a in law I never feel like Im not part of the family and they always include us in everything. Im pretty sure they are the most laid back non confrontational family I have ever met and Im glad I married into them.

Scofield Cabin July 15-17

We went with the Blackhursts, Lynchs and Petersons to a cabin in Scofield and it was beautiful!Shay and Aaron brought there boat and so one of the days we went boating and it was way fun. I grew up boating and everytime I get on a boat I want to go buy one because its so fun. The kids were funny everytime we would stop the boat the kids would hurry and lean over the boat to dip there hands in it. Jackson did awesome at surfing! We had a picnic at the doc and then all of the men fished for a while.

Then later that evening everyone went on a fourwheel ride. I think Scofield is one of the prettiest places in Utah.

Im pretty sure everyone had so much fun we ate lots, laughed tons ( Aaron had some way funny stories) ate more and laughed. The kids all had to much fun with each other. I have to say there wasnt even one fight between the kids they all just ran around like loons. My boys loved playing with all of them!

Haus, Kruz, Scout,Bridger, Warren and Bronco

It was cold to say the least.

These three had so much fun together

Aaron had a minor truck problem but luckily we got it fixed on the way up. His mechanic at his company didnt tighten something so it ended bad but fixable.


Katie's gradparents have a pool so we have had tons of fun hainging out there while the kids play.

Me, Katie and Cami

Science Projects

Warren is at a really fun age because he loves anything to do with learning. I bought this lab kit and Warren couldnt get it open fast enough. Haus takes about a 3 hr nap every day so this summer its given me and Warren some great one on one time.


Ashleigh said...

I went to the Katy Perry concert too and loved it! I didn't know what to expect either but she was amazing. Can you believe how some people were dressed though? Holy cow! haha. Also, I forgot to tell you at the reunion that my good friend and coworker Matt Glazier and his wife are on that adoption board with you. Small world!

Shay said...

Scoffield was so much fun! thanks for humoring Aaron in his stories.. we need to go boating again before the summer ends.
that little bambi at Bear world was only a day old when we went a couple months ago. Aren't the baby cubs so cute and fun to watch?!