Thursday, July 21, 2011

The annual July 4th BBQ

I love July 4th because we have such a fun time. This year I was all excited to buy fireworks especially because of the new ones you could buy. Well I thought I bought the amazing ones that go up in the air. So during the whole bbq I kept telling everyone we should just light them. But everyone made me wait until dark. The best part is I kept telling Aunt Brenda how cool the lady told me the ones I bought were. Lets just say it was no diffrent then any other year other than the price and were lucky for the annual city ones and all of the neighbors cool BIG ones.

We put are water slide up and the kids had a blast with that. We ate yummy food and had lots of fun!!

Lighting fireworks at my parents waiting for the PG fireworks.

Brenda and Haus were the best of buddies that day. She had all the kids pretending they were on a ship.

Lighting fireworks at our house.

Aunt Lora and Maree, Im pretty sure I have the best aunts ever.

Lora, Me, mom and Katie

Maree and Gretchen

Susan, Craig, Grandma Pinegar and Grandpa