Thursday, January 6, 2011

Haus Douglas Jones
2 1/2
he is hilarious
loves peoples attention and loves to make people laugh
loves to act like a dog and crawl around the house being a dog, will even put his cereal bowl on the ground
loves loves Toy Story but especially Woody and Bullseye
loves his mommy
loves to sleep in his mommys bed and always comes and joins us about 3 in the morning and I LOVE it!!!!
your an amazing sleeper though
very intrigued by alphabets because he wants to be just like his big brother
knows all of his colors
loves to eat anything
sleeps about 3-4 hour nap from 1pm to 4pm in his mommys bed
still loves his blue blankets and his binkis
wears 3T pants and 3T shirts
loves to be read to
honestly the most laid back child I have ever met
loves to watch hunting channel with his daddy
shares really really good with kids
hates to bath
love love horses
loves to play with blocks and trains
loves waiting for the garbage man
kind of freaky about putting his toys away
loves to sit on the counter while I cook dinner
plays up in the play room all the time
loves to color, playdough and always writes on paper and tells me there alphabets
loves his brother and papas
Warren is by far his favorite person next to his mommy
talks in his sleep
loves to go sledding but wont set on anyones lap but his daddys
loves to play with his trucks
loves his new kitty Grizz and loves his dog Doc
never had a cavity
always refears to himself as ME like "me not want to", "me like that"
sits with me and Jackson in sunday school and Im pretty sure you love every minute of it
Haus we love love you and Im so lucky to be your mommy!! I love how you make us laugh.
Warren Lee Jones
5 years and 2 months old
loves loves preschool
starting to read words like pat, cat, sat
Im just so proud of you Warren you have excelled in school
loves loves to hang out with his daddy
amazing with his little brother
loves animals
helps mom load, unload dishwasher, puts clothes away and really really good about keeping your room clean
very helpful to me and always want to help me cook dinner
loves to write your letters like non stop all day long
wants to be a police officer when your older
loves your teacher Miss Valerie
loves to say prayers
loves to color, playdough
loves to play with your trucks
loves your grandparents
loves loves aunt Mandy
loves loves is great aunt Sheri
loves to go take Doc on a walk
has no fear in sledding
loves to watch sports with daddy
loves cartoons
amazing sleeper
never had a cavity
loves to wait for the garbage man
loves to talk in the car
loves listening to country music
loves going to church
loves Dr. Glade
kind of a horder
loves newspaper adds ( maybe a little to much)
still loves cotton
you still play great by yourself
I love love how you include Haus in everything even when you have a friend over
I love how you always tell me Im a princess
loves to watch movies favorite ones lately Despicable Me, Toy Story1, 2 and 3, Princess and the Frog, Curious George and Bob the Builder
loves loves Santa
loves driving around looking at Christmas lights asked nightly
Warren Im so proud to have you as my son. I learn daily from you and all of your strengths. I love that you keep me and Jackson and the straight and narrow path


kelli said...

Did that make you cry when you wrote it? That was amazing and I enjoyed reading it. You are a great mom!

fauxy said...

I love these lists you write about your kids - I'm totally gonna do it for baby. So sweet :)

Robyn said...

So glad your little man is okay!! So scary for you!! No more trauma at your house!! Don't you just love Dr. Glade, what would we do with out him!! You little family is so cute!Love you guys!