Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas
I love the upcoming weeks before Christmas. The month starts of with Jacksons bday and then we have tons and tons more bdays. Then we do everything and anything to get ready for Christmas like: decorated gingerbread houses, make sugar cookies, make peanut brittle, visit Santa as many times as we can, listen to Christmas music, see lights, zoo lights, advent calendar, watch every Christmas movie we can think of, read a Christmas book every night, send santa our list, hang out with family, my family has tons and tons of fun family traditions, play in the snow. Those are the ones I can think of right know. But I hope everyone has a Verry Merry Christmas
Jump ON IT
We joined Mandy, Adley and Aiden at jump on it. Aiden wanted to go there while on Christmas break so we tagged along.
this is the best pict I got of Aiden he was jumping the whole time

Frosting Cookies

Snowmobiling, sledding and playing in the playroom with his best little buddy Cash

Shoveling Snow
the boys love helping daddy shovel snow. There like his shadow for most of the time

its become a tradition to go and see the reindeer at Thanksgiving Point.

Making peanut brittle and sugar cookies
So I have never made peanut brittle with out my mom, luckily it turned out ok. Then Jackson taught Warren how to roll out sugar cookies.

Cousin Party
My mom always gets us together so the kids can open there Christmas presents that our from each other. But she has a yummy dinner before and then we open presents. We start with youngest to oldest. Haus got a cute tool set and a Mr. Potato Head. It was so cute when he opened it. Warren asked if he was going to share with him. Warren has been wanting one for a while. Luckily Mandy and Jason got Warren one and a lego set that turns into a helicopter. We have had them for almost a week and my kids have not stopped playing with them.

Thanksgiving Point Lights
Papa James joined in on the fun of seeing the lights. Im pretty sure the highlight of the night was the pooping reindeer, Really! But before we stopped at Panda Express and had dinner. Poor Haus didnt eat anything that should have been our first clue he was getting sick.

At Panda Express, Haus wouldnt eat anything. That should have been our first clue he was getting sick. The week of Christmas I got bronchitous and Haus got what was going around too.
Warren wanted to learn to peel his own orange so when he did he insisted on taking a pict. So then obviously Haus had to too.

The Blackhursts invited us over for pizza, Jazz game and best of all to decorate gingerbread houses.

Little Gym
Another fun party at Little Gym. Warrens friend at preschool Keith invited Warren to his bday party.

One more Christmas PARTY
This is one of my favorite things about my family we have TONS of traditions that keep us so close. I think families that dont dont stay close. My grandmas brother has a Christmas party/reunion a few weeks before Christmas.
wouldnt be a party if someone didnt eat some of the kids candy

my kids cant get enough of Max

Friend Christmas Party
We had are annual Christmas party it turned outgreat. Katie had a great idea to have everyone bring appetizers and I have to say it was such a fun idea and yummy too. Then we did a fun present game that was Cami's idea. You brought your favorite item thats $7 and you bring three of them. It was fun to see what everyone brought. Then I made a game up that was fun too. We got in two diffrent groups and wrapped one person in the group and it had to obviously be really creative. Let me tell you it was. I cant post the picts because the Hayley and Savannah would kill me. But just take my word it was funny. Merry Christmas girls.
Hayley, Kira, Cami, Kamille, Angela, ME, Ashely, Katie and Savannah