Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jackson handed in his last paper for his


2 weeks ago Jackson finished his last class. Know he just has to do his last internship with a elementary princibal. I have to do some bragging about Jackson because he never acts like its a BIG deal but it totally is. In the last 2 years while he has been attending graduate school he has

*worked a minimum of 60 hours a week ( so I always laugh a little when people say there husbands are soooo busy to do certain things because Jackson still did everything)

* Tball coach and Soccer coach

*Had a wife that decided to have three strokes and had to have 24 hour care for a few months and can I tell you I never once heard Jackson complain. His answer was always its LIFE.

*Elders Quorum 2nd counselor

*The last month he has worked no joke 70 hrs a week, finished a 300 page paper evaluation.

*Always made time for me and the kids

I have to say never ever ever complained!!!
We are so proud of you babe and cant wait to see you in your cap and gown in May
He totally doesnt want to but were flying back to Pennsylvania to watch him walk. I think it will be good for the kids to see him walk.


Jen and Johnny said...

AMAZING~ AMAZING~ AMAZING!!! He truly is!! Way to go Jackson!!!

Mandy said...

Yaaaa Jackson! We are so proud of you. You do work hard and always have such a positive attitude!

Peggy said...

That is SO awesome! Congratulations!!!