Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy 29th Birthday Jackson
He turned 29 on Wednesday and its been a very fun bday week. We went to lunch with all of the guys at his work and me and the kiddos met them at Bajios. Then that night we went to Outback with Jacksons parents. Then I have been dying to go see Santa so we headed to the Riverwoods. I have to say its the BEST Santa EVER!!! Warren couldnt get on his lap fast enough, Haus on the other hand was good just giving him a high five. On Saturday night I invited Jacksons highschool friends over for dinner. Its kind of pathetic we either hang out all the time or like once a year. So bdays are always a great excuse to hang out and its always a fun time.

Cameron Davis, Jackson and Spencer Box
The kids that werent already in carseats, Warren, Ryan, Haus and Viola.

Jamie, Me and Alison
A Way Fun BDAY Party for Kids
Camryn and Kate Woodley
had there 4th bday party at Little Gym.
It was so fun my kids were devastated to leave.
I tried to sign them up for a class because it was so fun but
Haus has to be three to be in this certain class with Warren.
Thank you guys!!!

Dino Museum
with Nixon and Katie

I have the greatest friend ever
So one of my good friends Stephanie was doing a little spring cleaning in December and decided to give me 4 yes 4 bags of clothes. If anyone know Steph she is always dressed to the T. So Im one lucky girly.

Advent Calendars
My mom and James came over for Jackson bday. But while they were here they helped open our advent calendars. I remeber getting these every year and I loved it. My kids were so excited to eat the chocolate. Sadly though Haus snuck in his room the day after this pict was taken and ate ALL of his chocolate out of his. But every night Warren lets Haus have some of his. He is such a sweet kid.


Jacksons present he got from us. He had picked him up some hunting boots and scoks from Cabelas, I suprised him with the gray ones above and the boys made him cards.

The BEST traditon EVER, DECORATING my mom and James tree

all of the kids

Taking turns putting on the star

only the younger four wanted to help decorate the tree

obviously us TWO

Playing in the Snow
Jackson made the kids a little sled hill they could play on and boy has it been played on.

Sandra Robinson, Me, my mom and sister went to the Rockettes and I have to say is was awesome.

All I have to say is I was sooooo proud of Warren. He wrote his very own letter to Santa. I was so happy and he did so so great. But the funny thing is he believes so much and I love it he is so my child. But know as the parent of a child like this. I think it can get exensive. He wants the bike that you ride to the TV and you run over numbers, letters and words. He thinks that the TV comes with it and he told me that the elves will make it. So I obviously thought I was done but I guess I have a few more purchases. Then a pair of boots that he told me that the elves have went to Cabelas and copied them in Santas work shop. Truck with trailor and police car.

We went with Jackson family and we had fun. We had way yummy food, celebrated Tylers bday and had a way fun time visiting with all of his siblings.

Warrens cute little hat he made at school
First SnowMan of the Winter Season
it was amazing packing snow so my boys were so excited


Sue said...

Haha, I love the pic with the olives on Warrens hand. Love you and your fun boys!

tammy said...

Wow! Mega post!! I love it--your family is so adorable! Fun, fun pics!

Harris Family said...

You 2 really are the best parents ever... I'm so glad I don't have kids yet because I need to continue to learn from your examples. Love all the pics. I just always enjoy reading your blog

Natalie said...

Love all the posts!
Happy birthday to Jackson, we still need to celebrate :)
Haus little snow suit is the cutest!
You are so gorgeous and look amazing in every picture, hate you just a little :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are an inspiration. Any child would be so lucky to come into your home. If you'd take me John and Emma you can adopt us!!!!!!!
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and good news for the New Year.
The Mouritsen's