Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Disneyland October 2010
All of us headed to Disneyland Friday, October 29th to November 1, 2010
It was so fun and exhausting. I think I was so excited because we got to celebrate Warrens 5th bday.

Zach, Brenda, me, Maree and Joe
on the last day we were there
looking at the animals on the side of the boat
we LOVE disneyland!!!

Warrens bday breakfeast who couldnt be happy with mickey waffles

Aiden and Andrew
trick or treating was amazing we stayed in the Disneyland hotel and so on the 31st they let us trick or treat to the 3 disney hotels. All I have to say is we got tons of candy and all the kids had so much fun.

mom and stepdad
Adley and Haus

Tyra,Tayne,Aiden, Andrew,Max,Adley, Warren, Haus and grandma Lewis
Happy birthday WARREN

we celebrated Sherri's and Warrens

Gretchen and Warren
Aunt Maree and Gretchen
Joe, Haus and Warren. My boys could not get enough of there great uncle. He was so cute with all the kids.

this was by far Haus's favorite ride he is so in love with horses right know. He got Woody and Bullseye for his disneyland toy and he takes them everywhere we go.

no I didnt pee my pants the front of me was dripping and this is what my back side looked like
after splash mtn, Jackson, me, Warren, Annie and Gretchen

Papa James, Haus, Goofy, Mandy,Aiden and Jason
I love this picture of these two

Warrens Halloween Program and Class Party
It was so cute to watch they all came out in there costumes and then sang about 5 songs. Then after we went into his class and they read books, played games and then decorated cookies( that me and Jackson brought). It was so amazing to watch Warren try and include his brother in everything they were doing. He would save him a spot by him anywhere he was. He was so excited to see me and Jackson there to for his party.

Garbage MAN
If you are wondering why I have a picture of this. Its because every week we are waiting for this truck to come by the house and if we are not out there he'll honk to make sure were out there. One of the days we were following him down the street. The garbage man asked if Warren could get in with him and push the button to raise the garbage can up. Warren did and Im pretty sure he had a smile on his face all day. He was so excited he ran in and called his dad to tell him what happened.
Warrens 5th birthday presents from my mom
she has a really fun thing she does with the kids she either takes them to toys r us or build a bear. Warren choose to go to toys r us and he got a batman and his car, mobil jeep and rhinocerous set and then a pirate book
Grandma B annual pumpkin Carving sleepover
The friday before Halloween my mom has all the kids over to carve pumpkins, roast hot dogs and smores, watch movies and then sleep over. This is the first year I let Warren sleep over Im not really a believer in sleepovers

First Snow
Oct 27, 2010
My boys were so excited to go out and play in the snow this was like 8 in the morning we were out making snow angels and the boys were throwing snow at each other.

more picts of carving pumpkins

These are pumpkin cookies that look yucky but were actually really good.

Warren and Haus 2010
Warren was batman, spiderman and darthvador and Haus was frog.

we took the boys to hee haws and it was so fun. Warren and Haus loved the corn box and slide.
I love this picture of the boys running threw the field looking for a pumpkin

Warrens first school picture, its his second year of preschool. He was almost 5 when the picture was taken
Kid Halloween PARTY

Warrens friend birthday PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warren is really into Star Wars so I decided it would be fun to have that the theme of his friend party. We had yummy star wars food, played Jedi, Jedi, Darth Vador ( duck, duck, goose) a pinata is a must any function I throw, Scavenger hunt which consisted of finding yo-yo's, getting there very own Jedi robe, light saber, disk thrower, and bouncy balls. I was really happy how it all turned out. There were tons of kids and Warren had a blast.

Warren and Darth Vador aka DAD

I always post a pict of my kids in front of there presents and as you can see everyone was way generous. Because is just from his friend party. But I guess this is what happens when you have 25 kids show up.

Nitro Circus
which was way fun we got the tickets from one of our good friends and so we invited our nieces and nephews. It was fun to watch the kids get so excited. Haus and Warren didnt stop talking about the skydivers Haus was loving setting on my lap while me and Jackson painted the upstairs trim. Yes its finally done!!!!!!!!!!1
Haus thought he was so funny he would walk around the house with this in his mouth

Fall 2010 Warren learing how to ride his bike without training wheels. Not ready yet but there is always next year

Picking Pumpkins 2010


Peggy said...

Oh, my gosh! So many fun things! Looks like you guys have been having a blast!

Shay said...

holy moly October was busy..I can't imagine what December will bring. I told Aaron we have to make Disney in October an Annual tradition. It was perfect & I want to go back!!

Ashley, Cory and Cash too!!! said...

Wowza Hay! I thought you said you only had a few pics of disneyland! Ha ha! Love the post! And I bet you love the comment!

Caroline Shoell said...

Gosh women! You make me tired! Warrens Birthday looks like it turned out good! It was so cute, I've been wondering how it went. I know two other friends that went to Disneyland Over Halloween! Crazy, i'm jealous! It's so fun to see your darling blog! I'll be calling you soon, i'm in desperate need of a salon trip.