Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy 7th Anniversary

I have to say that 7 years, 2 kids and some crazy health problems I love him so much more and grateful and lucky to have forever with him.

I love Jackson in so many ways, selflessness, hardworking, adventures we love to vacation and not in the same spot. We love New York but we love the beaches in Brazil we absolutly love everything of Alaska. I love how we never do the same thing for example for the majority of our marriage we have never went longer than 3 months in between a vacation and I LOVE that.
great dad, loves family, never speaks mean of people, respects his family, really Ive never heard him ever talk bad about his family EVER, very spiritual, Im 100% sure he is the most humble person I know, makes me feel like Im amazing( which Im not even close ask my family), I always think how lucky I am that heavenly father gave me him, funny, never ever complains about anything, he is by far one of the busiest people I know and Ive never heard him say that he is busy, he is always willing to help people out and he does it because thats how he is not because he wants people to know that he did it, doesnt get mad when I dye his hair a little to dark, we can play games for hours, Ive never ever heard him raise his voice EVER, always calls me at work to see how my day is going, always comes home and helps me with anything Im doing, loves being a husband and dad,
I love you babe


Tricia and Jeff Harris said...

you still better be planning an alaskan vacation while I'm up here. you have a free place to stay too!!! happy aniversary. someday I'll be where you are cuz we both married amazing men. love ya

Natalie said...

Happy 7 years!

Shay said...

well I'm glad I started this all... you guys are great! Congrats!!

fauxy said...

Happy Anniversary! Time flies, doesn't it??