Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Warren He is 4 years old and 6 months. He is becoming such a great kid. He loves to share, loves to say long prayers and pray for his family when he get married babtized and so on its darling. He is sleeping great. he just started survival swim lessons and really did good he go a little scared when they put him on his back. He kept asking to be with his family it was cute. He loves his friends Cole Hansen and Soren Christiansen. He loves to watch hunting and fishing channel. Him and Haus have tons of fun they are always laughing at each other. He loves loves to color and read. Haus Is 23 months and is finaly turning into a tearer he had his first true fit yesterday at Walmart he hit me in the head, tried to bit me and then kicked me. Ok really I had never seen this kid act even mean before leto loan this. He is a great eater actualy will eat anything and everything. Loves to read books. Loves Doc the dog. Yells hee haw anytime he sees a horse. Loves any farm animal and gets so excited to see them. He is a really good sharer He loves to sing the ABCs with Warren it doesnt all sound the same but he is having fun Sleeps really really good. We took his baba away yesterday for like the 5th time and it was hilarious He had it the night before and he found it and wanted milk in it so I told he could this one last time and then we needed to throw it in the garbage and he said no but when he was done he walked over to the garbage and said baba gone and I said yep byby baba. So he looked at it with the saddest face and said by by baba and threw it in. Then warren later took it out and told me I need to give it to a baby that needs it. He will wear anything you put on him He is a huge mamas boy He doesnt really like to be away from me loves to have books read to him loves taking baths with brother Had his first survival swim lesson and cried the whole time and threw up but they said that was way normal loves to watch elmo loves his papas loves tomatoes knows all of his body parts know all of the farm animals and there sounds is turning into a little parate repeats anything warren tells him to