Monday, May 3, 2010

Lambs and a Bunny

Haus spotted a helicopter in the sky

Our new bunny we got from my friend Amanda. Dont mind Haus's cinamon toast face. We were giving them a snack before bed and the door bell rang. We hadnt told the boys we were getting a bunny so they were so excited.

The new baby lambs they are only a few hours old here

Warren insisted he had to read the bunny a book so the bunny would sleep good. Haus showing how he brushes his teeth

Our neighbors have a few acres and always bring sheep home in the spring so they can have there lambs here. My boys always get so excited. The other day Haus was trying to climb the fence to get to them. So my boys were ecstatic and me to see the new lambs.
My friend was getting rid of her bunny so we thought what the heck will take it. Warren and Haus wont leave this poor bunny alone. Thanks again Amanda
May 2, 2010


mark said...

hi!!!! i saw you walking your boys this morning around pg as i was taking asher to preschool :) your such a fun little mommy and so active! out and about at 9 in the morning! sheesh :)

Kamille said...

You are such a good mommy and your boys are so lucky to have all these animals to love!