Friday, April 23, 2010

My Mom and James Easter Egg Hunt, its been the Saturday before Easter forever, it keeps getting funner because my kids get more and more into it

Waiting to go to mama and papas for the Egg Hunt

Playing in the bubbles with Papa James, then showing off his cute wave

Coloring Eggs is by far my favorite holiday tradition. When we were little my grandpa Lewis would sit with us forever and color eggs.

Playing with the bunnies is always a fave. The bunny brought side walk chalk so they had to try it out on the whole block. Haus sneaking a drink of pop. Then Haus snuggling with daddy

Showing all of there loot they got


Haus kind of knew what was going on. But after he picked up about 3 pieces of candy he was ready to sit down and just eat them and stare at all of the other kids. We always joke that "he doesnt want to burn to many calories". Because he is such a lazy child and is always content just sitting and hanging out.

Warren loving finding the eggs that the bunny hid.

My sister made these way cute baby chick cake pops, Haus was loving them. I love this picture of me, my mom, sister and grandma Lewis.


Halvorsen Family said...

Looks like you guys had a fun easter! Your boys are getting so BIG! Hope all is well. Keep in touch.