Thursday, February 11, 2010

Warrens FIRST Valentine Party

Warren had his first Valentine party at preschool today. I think I was more excited about then him. They made the Valentine boxes at school the other day, it turned out darling. I couldn't hold back I had to take a picture of him with all of his Valentine loot coming out of class. Then the picture of him is of him and his bestest buddy Soren from school.
It was so cute to listen to Warren talk about what they did. He said that Miss Misty told them "as so as you guys get in the car with your mom make sure you tell her you love her." He told me how they got to put candy in every ones box. He was so excited how he just got all of this FREE candy from everyone. The cute thing is when we pulled all of the candy out he was so excited to show it to Haus.
I love all of the projects that he brings home everyday. If you see how full his hands are that is how it is everyday