Friday, February 19, 2010


I seen this on someones blog and wanted to do it. I thought it was cute

1. I will never have a freaky clean house and Im happy about that.
2. I will never stop worrying about my kids and husband.
3. I will never love staying up late.
4. I will never really like way hot weather like 100 degrees.
5. I will never stop loving EVERY holiday.
6. I will never stop being so grateful for the love and support of my husband.

1. I will always love the joy my husband and kids bring me.
2. I will always remember to tell my kids and husband I love them with all I have every time they leave.
3. I will always find simple joy in gardening, life and sewing.
4. I will always want more..
5. I will always be grateful for my friends and family
6. I will always like going to movies

I tag Mandy, Ashley, Kira and anyone else that wants to do it.


mark said...

cute haley :)

i liked the 'i will always want more' sad to say but that's me too... it's just never satisfying...ha!

Jord&Kira Lynch said...

I just saw this ill do it today!