Monday, February 8, 2010

Blood and more Blood!

I had scouts the other night and while we were waiting for all of them to come. Warren and some of the scouts were rolling down the hill at the church. Sure enough Warren rolled right into the corner of the concrete stairs and cracked his head open. So he was bleeding and crying my scouts kept saying WOW look at all the blood. So that was freakn Warren out so he started crying harder and then that made Haus cry because Warren was and I was the only adult it was lovely to say the least. I cleaned Warrens head up as good as I could and that was that. I didnt think he needed stiches so we went on with scouts and then I headed to work. Today, Monday Warren was running and jumping off the couch to his chair and he hit his nose and it started to bleed everywhere. By time I got to him, (I was cleaning in the other room and when he told me he was bleeding I just told him to grab some toilet paper, because he wasnt crying). It was all over his shirt, floor and Haus and Warren was dry heaving because he could taste it. So when I got to him he threw up and I HATE throw up so I started dry heaving. I know I suck as a mother in the throw up area. So right know Im just realeved that Haus is asleep and Warren is playing with playdough because Im sick of cleaning up blood. cleaned up