Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas EVE
We had a great Christmas Eve, we started the day off with taking the snowmobiles up AF canyon. I tell ya my boys love it, Haus and Warren would laugh every time we would hit a bump.
Then we got ready for our families to come over that night for our annual Christmas Eve party. I made a turkey and I have to say it turned out pretty good, then we had yummy salads, rolls, and desert. Then after dinner we were lucky that my mom and step dad stopped by especially right before Santa made a stop before he started his Christmas deliveries. Haus is finally liking Santa. It was cute when he walked in Warren couldnt get off the couch fast enough and Haus just turned to my mom and said oh look mama santa, It was to cute. Then Warren sat on his lap and told him he wanted a bike and then told him thanks for coming by. Then Haus got on and mumbled he wanted a truck and horse trailor and happily jumped off with his candy cane.
Then after Santa left we played Apples to Apples and James won and my mom came in second. Im pretty sure Haus and Warren were so excited that the game was over because they could open a present, opened the jammies from us. Then Haus for some reason to a liking to this present and was dieing to open it. But shockingly I didnt cave and that was the first thing he opened Christmas morning. Its from our neighbors and its a kick ball set.


Sue said...

So cute! I just love seeing all the cute things you do with your family for Christmas. Love the one with all of you together on the couch, so sweet!! (and congrats to Jackson!)