Thursday, November 18, 2010

The last few WEEKS playing at the mall
random but this is Haus's new thing he wants to put on his lotion on himself he is always covered with it

Haus, Warren and Braylen played dress up all the time
Getting Sunday dinner ready

playing at grandmas and grandpas
This is what my kids kept doing at this way yummy restaurant called "The DO DO"
They were being really good but funny.

Pirate Island
Jen and her kiddos had never been to Pirate Island and so we thought it would be a fun night out. It totally was the kids had so much fun. The crew after all of the fun. Jen, Chloe, Braylen, Warren, Jackson, Haley and Haus
Jennifer and MeWarren got 500 tickets on this one game it was awesome!! The kids got necklaces, telescope, and candy.
Warren is a little dazed he asked to go home because he was tired, poor kid it was only 6 oclock and he had already had a nap.