Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Campout in the treehouse
Warren thought itd be fun to sleep in the treehouse Jackson built for them this summer. So we decided we should do it the weekend of the 4th. I have to say we had tons of room. We only lasted until 12. Warren, Haus and Jackson fell asleep I think as soon as there heads hit the pillow. Then Warren woke up about 12 because people were setting off fireworks and then the dogs started barking so I could see his eyes get bigger and bigger so I asked if he wanted to go in. First he told me no then a few minutes later he wanted to go in. But he hasnt stopped talking how fun he had and how his daddy is the best because he has a HUGE tree house. Its to cute I love how Warren and Haus idealise Jackson. Jackson eating all of the marshmellows
Haus being so proud of his because it was still on fire

Thats Warren asleep in his corner


roasting marshmellows before sleeping outside

Me preparing the treehouse with every freakn blanket we had so it would kind of comfy for us

the boys were into seeing how burnt they could get the marshmellows just not into eating them