Saturday, June 19, 2010

snuggling with mom on a Sunday morning
Irrigation: we start at the neighbors and play in it for about an hour then we get it for about a 1/2.

It was finally nice so we pulled out our water slide

This is what happens at least every day. Warren is way into books he will go to bed and read until we have to come in and turn the night light off.


learing to breath better

Warren doing the backstroke

Doc ( our dog) jumped in the air and caught this bird

I found my kids over in the neighbors yard in this. They were 2 happy kids playing in the dirt until I hosed them off to take them in for a bath

This was a sticker that he got at the doctor. The day after he put it on we gave him a bath and the picture came off and this is what it looked like after. Yea so he had this on him for a good week. Funny thing is he had a tan line from it because he tans so quick